Earn from Blogging

Earn from Blogging is a trend where people have resorted to voicing their feelings, opinions, knowledge, ideas and experiences in the written form.

What is blogging and how does it work

Webblog has been abbreviated as blog. It is basically a website which caters to information on a particular field, area of expertise or topic. It could be on a range of topics from personal to something projecting in the future.

Most blogs are on topics on which the author has some knowledge or experience which makes him an expert to some extent. These are then projected in written script for the online readers to explore and assimilate. Experience  gained over years of working in a particular field, knowledge gained as a result of studies and research form a major bulk of blogging. However personal musings have also been blogged. Blog Content is the main factor in any blogging website. The quality of the content, its meaningfulness and relevance adds to the charm of any blogging website.

earn from  blogging

Definition of Blogging

Google Dictionary

It is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. https://languages.oup.com/google-dictionary-en/

Merriam Dictionary:

It is a website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks, videos, and photographs provided by the writer http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/blog

The purpose of a blog

The purpose of a blog is to connect with the online users who could be potential audience or likely customers

Personal blogs.  These are musings and  experiences shared over the internet. It serves as a means of sharing information for recreational or casual browsing purposes. We have blogs wherein military veterans have shared their experiences, some humourous, some tragic which reflect the ways of the forces and gives the reading public a glimpse into the uniformed world, the pain the anguish the joys and the thrills associated with service to the nation

Business blogs These blogs are aimed at earning income. It could be from sale of products or using knowledge or experience to act as a trouble shooter or a problem solver. They focus on increasing visibility to drive in the traffic which then results in business proposals and ultimately acting as a source of income . They focus on google website ranking, the better the rank, more is the visibility which converts to business.

Types of blog

Personal Blogs

These are blogs which focus on personal interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes and experiences. These could be personal in nature, in that they cover the author’s niche experience and expertise with an idea of sharing knowledge. Or, could be political wherein the political scenarios is discussed threadbare voicing own opinions. They target a like minded audience. A very good example are the bloggers on subject of biking. They share information about bikes, their biking trips, the mishaps, breakdowns and the experience. They draw their own fan following over a period of time. The niche blogging could be a kind of personal blog too unless it is aimed at generating income.

2. Building your brand blog

The blogger is the brand here. The reputation built, the knowledge gained and the lessons of experience make the brand. The bloggers here use their knowledge to provide consultations, guidance and coaching with a view to enriching the lives of the reader. Some focus on problem solving and trouble shooting to help the user in their hour of need or difficulty. They use scripts, videos and presentations to put across their points. Astrologers, numerologists, domain experts are prime examples of such bloggers.

3. Business Blogs.

They focus on selling their products. It could be physical products or virtual, like coaching classes, online classes and so on. These are run by corporates or business houses. They focus on attracting customers with an aim to convert the traffic into sales.

Affiliate products blog

These are focussed on products. The products are explained in the form of tutorials and guide along with user experience with an aim to drive the user to the platform of the seller through affiliate links. These are one of the more popular blogging methods and has really made some affiliate marketers very prosperous.

Miscellaneous Blogs

Some other blogs which are  in vogue  are

Personal Services like babysitting, hair dressing massages, physical training car washing etc. The  idea is to get hired.

Repair services like plumbing electrical works, car servicing and so on. Again, the idea is to get hired

Blogs on hobbies

These blogs focus on passion about a topic and converting them to small time businesses. They target inviting advertisements on their blog which when visited generate income. These could be sports, music, culinary etc.

Guest Blogs

A blog which is already popular  could invite guest bloggers who are experts in their field. This leaves the blogger with just managing his website with the content coming in from experts.

How do you earn  Money from Blogging

There are myriad ways of earning money from blogging

Affiliate marketing.

These  works by adding tracked affiliate links into the text of your blog. You can make a small commission every time a reader clicks through to a site you recommend and makes a purchase. The links will lead readers to the website of a brand. These programmes are adopted by almost all ecommerce behemoths. This is economical and advantageous to both parties and the ecommerce portals gain a much farther reach and also had many more retailers (in form of bloggers) who advertise their products. The key of course is integrity and promotion of good quality products https://prasat9.com/earn-online-through-affiliate-marketing/

Google adsense

Google places ads on your website based on content and traffic. These are paid for by the advertisers and the amount varies based on payments made by them. You either earn by ‘cost per click’ or ‘cost per thousand’

Social media post.

In case you are a very visible player with a good social media following or someone with a niche following then you will be approached by brands to sponsor their products.

Selling products.

The blog could cover a particular type of product or brand and used to sell the article directly

Lifestyle blog.

These are based on the life, likes, hobbies and passion of the author and these are focussed on making the experience enriching for the reader. A biker, mountaineer, adventure seeker, fitness enthusiast generally experience themselves and share the same with their readers. In a way the reader is living the experience through the eyes of the author. Based on the kind of blog, products are sponsored through these  blogs to attract attention. Of importance is the quality, relevance and amount of traffic the blog generates.


The quality of the blog along with the relevance give your blog that visibility and drives web traffic to it. It also helps you build a brand for a niche audience. To make money your blog needs to have content which is relevant, possibly something which is trending and have content which is sought after by the audience. Quality, integrity and relevance are the key words here. Happy blogging.

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