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Earn Online

The internet boom  has really revolutionised the way the world lives and does business or earn income, Gone are the days when one was dependent on an MBA degree or be an engineering graduate to make a living. New avenues have opened up where one can earn online money and that too working from home changing the concept of working at a 9 to 5 job under gruelling terms working to realise the dream of someone else. However if you feel that you are going to earn online money  and become an overnight millionaire, well forget it. Buying a lottery would be a better option. Good Luck. Well, sorry to disappoint you or act as a dampener, but better to have the concept clear before you enter into the world of ‘how to earn online from home’.

Proven ways to earn online In India

Freelance Consulting. Every one has an expertise, a talent or knowledge gained from year of slogging it out in the corporate. Experience has no alternative and there are a lot of people looking for such talent to help out in their ventures. This could be easily turned into a freelance consulting venture where you offer consulting for a fee at flexible working hours. You put your experience into practice and the business unit becomes a better enterprise. Consultants once established command a very neat price.

Earn online from social media platforms

Social media has taken over the world. The smartphones has really changed a generation. People hunched over their phones is a very common sight. You Tube, Instagram and Facebook are major social media platforms which can be used to earn money online. People promote products online through Facebook which has a fantastic reach and is very economical. Instagram and Twitter are used by celebrities or domain experts where they are paid enormous sums for their posts and tweets. These can also be sources of passive income wherein initial hectic activities can later lead to generation of income while you sleep!

Earn online by teaching.  Online learning has  really taken wings. Online teaching websites  like Byjus and Vedantu coming up with innovative ways of making learning interesting. With Covid 19 bringing in the concept of social distancing, physical learning has undergone a major change. Online teaching jobs are aplenty. Flexible working hours, working from home and the power to select or reject makes it a very attractive proposition. Positive reviews and expertise in difficult subjects like Maths and Science has made it a very profitable venture.

earn online by Teaching
Earn online by Teaching

Earn Online by Typing. 

Data entry, content writing, transcription including medical transcription are a few avenues of  earning money online by typing. Lot of websites like fiverr, indeed, freelancer, upwork are some of the sites which offer such online jobs and pay reasonably well.

Affiliate marketing.  Another popular way to earn online is through affiliate marketing. A marketing method which has taken the business world by storm is affiliate marketing. Firms take on board affiliates who are willing to sell the company products through their websites/ blogs. The payment is made through commissions on successful sales and referrals. This is a very profitable method of making a passive income.

Of course, the initial effort is required in the form of identifying the product (preferably something within your area of expertise else it would be like fitting a square peg in a round hole), identifying the firm, working on the terms of business (as a lot of firms are not too transparent in their dealings or likely to change terms once the product becomes successful), drafting a marketing plan and then executing it successfully. Initially it sounds overwhelming but once you become an affiliate for a particular product then adding other products becomes easy. And as the product grows in popularity you are assured your pound of passive income. https://prasat9.com/earn-online-through-affiliate-marketing/

affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

Subtitling of movies. Covid 19 has given a solid fillip to another industry,  the OTT platform (over the top platform) wherein internet is used to transmit movies instead of the traditional cables. With the public enjoying the movies from the comfort of their homes and at very reasonable costs there is increased interest in content of other languages. Subtitling comes into the picture in such a scenario. Present day sub titling standards are pathetic with translations ranging from average to hilarious to ludicrous. If you have a decent command over the language, both the original and the translated version, this is one avenue which can be explored. It pays well and could be a good source to earn online.

Blogging.  The definition of blogging is the process of writing a blog, an online journal in which you share your thoughts about a particular subject with readers. (Courtesy, yourdictionary.com).

Blogs are basically articles written by individuals or firms to showcase skills, exhibit portfolios or express their opinions thoughts and feeling Further it could also act as a platform for online resolution of issues ranging from how to fix a puncture to installing a television. Blogging has given a lot of people with a passion for writing, or domain experts who are masters in their field gained through knowledge or experience, a platform in which they can express their thoughts on a variety of issues or impart knowledge or guide people through a particular process or installation. Wix, Word press, linked in, Instagram, Medium are a few blogging platforms which can be used. The money is made through being paid for the contents or the advertisements which are displayed on your page.

Content Writing. It is the process of creating web content in the form of blogs web posts and scripts. Content writing are written expressions on topics where the author has some knowledge or experience which makes him an expert to some extent. To get

Other avenues. Stock trading, crypto currency, trading in currency etc are some other avenues to earn online. These aspects will be covered in subsequent blogs.

Is it an easy way to overnight riches

Well, people have made their money, but terming it as easy money would be an injustice. You have to possess or acquire skills to earn online. Lot of effort goes in to produce content, build up a product base or draw visitors to your page. Constant effort is required to ensure optimisation of the page and site so that it is visible to online users. And yes, it takes time and effort but if done diligently in a well planned manner there is no reason why you cannot succeed in your endeavour to earn online. It is not easy money but over a period of time, good substantial money.

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