Ways to earn Online

An introduction to ways to earn online

From the times the internet was a source of fear, then curiosity followed by source of news and entertainment, it has graduated to being a major business tool helping in marketing, logistics and so on, in effect, making business easy and efficient. It also has shown the way to earn money online by sitting in the comfort of your house and working at your convenience earning active and passive income. Some have even left their 9 to 5 jobs to follow their  online ventures into full-time internet businesses.

If you are curious to turn your hobbies and passion into profits and full time ventures, then let us look at different ways to earn online, initially as a supplementary and later main source of income. Internet has made the world a smaller place and you can earn online from India or any other country

make money online
make money online

Earn online by Blogging

How to earn online by Blogging.

A very popular way to  make money online is through your own blog. You can earn online blogging your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and views. Blogging initially started off as musings by individuals through their own blogs which later developed into full fledged websites based on content management firms in form of word press blogs. A blog can be on any topic you are passionate about but to make money online a profitable niche market has to be chosen. The mechanics are easy and can be made profitable through online advertising (goggle ad words), affiliate marketing and so on.


Online surveys are one of the easy ways to earn online income. People’s opinions matter. Corporations and research firms are seeking opinion of people on products and services And paid well! Top corporations could pay upto ten or more dollars for the survey. To avoid being scammed, limit yourself to two or three reputable survey firms, understand the system before you expand your avenues. Make it worth your time

Making money online through affiliate marketing.

Another source of online income is making money through affiliate marketing  where you get a commission on sale of products of online merchants . No customer support and marketing costs too!  You can sell your own products too and eliminate the middleman costs and establish a direct link with the clientele. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to making money online provided you do it meticulously.

making money online through affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

Online mentoring.

One of the best ways of earning online income, though not one of the easiest,  is online mentoring. If you have carved a niche for yourself and have gained a name in the market, this is the avenue for you. Too many individuals and firms in stress or otherwise look out for mentors to guide and advice. It could be a personal one on one mentoring on leadership skills, guidance during difficult times, chartering a career path and so  on for individuals. For firms, it could be on lagging sales, high manpower turnover industrial disputes and so on.

Make money online through coaching and tutoring.

The present days of COVID have really brought these into focus. While the current crop of teachers are struggling on platforms like teams to take online classes, some enterprising firms like Byjus/ Vedantu etc have already taken the lead. If you are a good teacher, with expertise in your subject, well, this could be an avenue for you for making money online. Particularly, well qualified teachers from the non cosmopolitan cities have found this avenue very profitable way of earning money online

Make Money online through Content writing.

Good writing skills and adeptness/ expertise in various domains could be the best source for online income for you.  Writing exhaustively on various niche topics attracts lot of eyeballs and could well pave the way for future advancements into your own websites and blogs. It is a very popular way of earning income. In these avenues you can earn online for free as most of the sites do not charge any fee.

Other Different ways to earn online

Book writing.  Ebooks are the latest trends. Just to make sure if there could be an audience for your book, try a pre sale landing page which summarises your book on platforms like Podia. Once you are sure of the audience then go right ahead. Ebooks are the future as print media is looking at a downturn as more and more people are turning to virtual media. Once you make your mark, then there is no looking back.

Sub titling of   movies. This is another avenue for making money online. OTT platforms are taking over the movie world. People are preferring binging on movies at home where they have the option to fast forward stop and watch at own convenience without undergoing the exercise of traversing traffic, overcoming crowds, exorbitant rates for eatables and beverages. The quantity and variety available is humungous. Now what is missing is good quality sub titling. Some of the sub titling are really hilarious. These are available for a lot of  languages, like English to Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and vice versa. If your command over the language is good, you   can try this method. There are firms which offer upto Rs 70 to 100 per video minute. These are basic rates and could go higher as you go international. Abroad, people charge anywhere between 70 to 100 dollars for a video minute.

different ways to earn online
sub titling on OTT platform

Free Lancing.  A very popular way of earning money online. There are avenues like fiverr.com. upwork.com, freelancer.com which give these options and pay reasonably well. All you need is create your account and bid for projects on these sites based on your skill sets. Once your work is accepted the payment is made. Be aware that quality of work and timely delivery matters. Once you gain good ratings and understand the mode of working and delivery this well could be a very good avenue for making money online

Online advertising

Earn online by Google.. 

Online advertising is a very economical way of advertising of products to millions of people at a very minimum cost. Adsense is another avenue for making money online. It is a free programme that gives you a share of the ad revenue once users click on the ads displayed on your pages. A well developed web site or page with niche content sought after by online users could attract Adsense, clicks by users and passive regular income

Online advertising


You should be mindful of the platform that you opt for. Beware of the scams and fakes. Also do not expect to earning big amounts in the initial stages. We now have more time on our hands and this could be utilised to explore the virtual media,  learn identify your niche and then, the world is your oyster.

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